Finally available online Discover How To Play Like an Irish Trad Master. (no matter how little time you have for practicing)

Here’s a straightforward path to attain the skills that make a real difference and immediately elevate you among highly accomplished players.


Your technique is top-notch, and you can finally be proud of your tin whistle playing.

You feel confident to play your local session. Or join in any Irish session. You figured out everything about the ornamentation and have various tricks under your belt. You can easily throw a couple of tunes in public anytime. You play effortlessly.

And you can enjoy more than ever when you accompany your family and friends to play together.

And even though you may find it hard to believe – it’s 100% true.

Here’s the thing…

Why do some players sound better than others?

First of all, we wouldn’t lie to you. Indeed, achieving the heights of Mary Bergin, Brian Finnegan, Joanie Madden and other renowned players takes extraordinary musical talent with years of continuous playing and practicing.

But, we are not talking about having the “X factor”.

The truth is… there are vital elements that every tin whistle player can attain. And luckily, those are exactly the “tricks” that make the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE.

How are we certain?

It’s simple. We know many aspiring players just like you who’ve made it already.

And we’re not talking about years of constant practice — just a couple of weeks to notice significant progress. And with just the right amount of practice that fits your own schedule and your own pace.

Regardless of your age or your time constraints.

In Irish traditional music, knowing only a few important rules makes a huge difference in your playing.

You probably tried a few tips and tricks here and there and you know your way around the whistle already. But this is not something you can find on YouTube or similar places. At least not in a well-put structured manner that is easy to comprehend.

This is a system. A different way of thinking and a practical set of tools you can immediately utilize to improve any tune you already know and any tune you’ll learn.

And even if you don’t have much time to practice… that’s completely fine. Because it is not about HOW MUCH – it is about WHAT EXACTLY.

We guarantee that you will take your technique to the next level and become proud of your playing in just a few short weeks.

And have so much fun along the way!

Meet The Improver Course

A proven teaching system that already helped numerous players of all ages and abilities to take their skills to the next level in record time.

Tin Whistle Course
  • 1Join our exclusive online program and get unlimited access from any device, anytime.
  • 2Watch the video lessons with easy-to-follow guides and progress in a structured way.
  • 3In just a few short weeks, anyone will easily notice a dramatic difference in your playing..

Who is this course for?

  • Your fundamental tin whistle skills are solid, but you are not sure how to make significant progress (without years of relentless practice).
  • You are familiar with ornamentation to some extent and you want to understand exactly how and where to incorporate it in any tune.
  • You want to reinforce your technique to get that authentic Irish sound.
  • You try a few tips here and there, but you feel you finally need a clear structure to make a notable difference in your playing.
  • You’d like to feel confident to join in any Irish session. Or easily spice up the group you are playing with.
  • Although you can hit the right notes, there is just something missing to make your playing more consistent and engaging.
  • Compared to professional players, your playing sounds a bit sloppy, less fluent, and less musical.
  • There are tunes you occasionally struggle with, and you are unsure what you could do to make them instantly sound better.
  • You want someone close at hand whom you can always ask for professional feedback and critique on your playing.

Take a sneak peek

Check out a few clips from the course’s demonstration videos!

And here’s just a fraction of what you will learn

  • Build confidence and improve your tone quality, timing and speed. Play much faster and at a consistent tempo without the tunes being “hit or miss”.
  • Understand where to incorporate which ornament (i.e. roll, cut, tap, slide, cran…) in any tune. Why it is important and how to easily combine all of them in the right places.
  • Discover the straightforward key principles that make all the difference in playing Irish trad.
  • Comprehend the popular tune types in Irish traditional music and all of their characteristics.
  • What exactly makes a Jig sound like a Jig, a Reel like a Reel, a Polka like a Polka. And what exactly makes them sound “correct”.
  • How to sound less mechanical and more musical. Add a feel and taste to your playing, recognize the accents and better articulate all the right notes.
  • The #1 most important rule when playing Irish dance tunes.
  • Easily develop learning tunes by ear, no matter what your musical background is.
  • Figure out why some of the tunes you play sound worse than others. How to finally get rid of those bad playing habits you are not even aware of.
  • What is musical breathing. How and where to take a breath and never interrupt the flow of the tune.
  • Why tonguing is important and how you can easily make it or break it. Understand the simple tonguing rules that always help, and what common mistakes to avoid.
  • The little-known trick on using phrase endings to improve fluency in your playing.
  • How to improvise the right way and put variations in the music’s favor.
  • Myriads of crucial 5-minute exercises you can practice anytime and anywhere without having to think of your time constraints.
  • Plus, discover a few less-known factors that may hinder your progress as a player despite how much you practice.

Why it works

A unique program you won’t find on YouTube or anywhere else. You get unlimited access to the online lessons, devised as a tutor book with demonstration videos and exclusive bonus materials.

Tin Whistle Course - Learn at your own home

Enjoy the comfort of your home

Access the course from any device, and anytime you want to. Learn and practice at your own pace, with a clear structure. You only need a tin whistle and an internet connection.   

Carefully chosen Irish trad tunes

The course features various tune types in different keys and rhythms to encompass all of the most important patterns and techniques. As a result, you build and improve a complete set of skills. And also get rid of bad habits once and for all.

Tin Whistle Course - Irish trad tunes
Tin Whistle Course - HD tutorial videos

More than 60 detailed tutorial videos

Besides demonstration & “how-to” videos, every tune in the course has bonus videos highlighting specific phrasing, patterns, and exercises. You don’t only learn tunes. We are talking about ornamentation spots, the right places to breathe, phrasing patterns, tonguing, variations… Numerous practical examples – instantly applicable.

Controls that keep you focused

You can change the speed, jump through chapters, and enable looping mode to focus only on the specific part that you are practicing. Forget about wasting your time and rewinding back and forth to find the part of the video you need.

Tin Whistle Course - Smart video controls
Tin Whistle Course - Tabs and sheet music

Notation that anyone can read

Sheet music, letter notes, and fingering charts are all included, plus special symbols for ornamentation, tonguing, and places to breathe. A visual representation to quickly demystify what you hear in the videos. Regardless of your prior musical knowledge, we’ve got you covered.

Backing tracks to play along with

Download backing tracks featuring various instruments. For every tune, there are multiple audio files in different tempos to switch as you progress. 

Tin Whistle Course - Backing tracks

FREE BONUS! Get personal feedback and critique from our teacher. Anytime you ask.

(normally $199 – yours FREE)

YouTube and other video resources are helpful but usually lack clear structure. On the other hand, tutor books have a structure, but you cannot ask questions and check if you are on the right track.

So, you get the best of both worlds and we add “slightly” on top. You can be sure we’ve got you covered!

* NOTE: Keep in mind that this free bonus is yours if you sign up today. We cannot promise it will be available for future students. Our teacher is human and can only accept a limited amount of feedback requests.

Meet the teacher

You are in a skillful league

Don’t just take our word for it. See how our course empowered many people like you to master their playing.

Most complete tin whistle course I found so far. The tunes are explained step by step, very suitable for beginners but also challenging enough for more advanced players.

Rob, Nijmegen (NE)

I still learn from YouTube occasionally, but this course gave me a clear structure. I really like the slowing down of things. Having notation of your ornamentations helps me a lot too.

Tom, Edmonton (CA)

I had been playing tin whistle for a while, and tried various books and instruction videos. But then I found this course.

First of all, the lessons are thorough, clear, and very well organized. But more importantly, they go beyond straight “instruction” — how to do a cut, for example. The lessons explain learning tricks, tips on practice, and great examples.

Then, to top it off, the founder, Bojan, writes personally to answer questions, make suggestions and even to recommend other sources. Simply put, you can’t beat that. It’s like having private personal lessons from a delightful teacher.

Matt, Redding, CT (US)

Brilliant pedagogy. Lessons well-structured with clear models, useful tips and the ability to go at my own pace, allowing for as much repetition as I need. As an older learner coming back to the tin whistle this is both a joy and an enormous support. Thanks, Bojan!

Barbara, NYC (US)

I particularly like the looped system in the videos repeating the various parts. Your choice of tunes is good too. I’ve completed several courses and rate yours highly.

Stewart, Dundee (UK)

I’ve been engaged in the tin whistle course and have really benefited from it.

The tricks and overall professionalism along with its attention to detail can bring you along quickly.

I’ve appreciated this teaching!

Maureen, New Brunswick, (CA)

The combination of hearing the tune (and the ornaments) and having them notated in the music, as well as the ability to practice sections at varying speeds, is a winner! When I could play that first song like an experienced player, wow! The difference between sounding like a beginner versus an experienced player was illuminated to me!

Laurie, (US)

Although I was already familiar with some of the stuff, there were several “a-ha” moments that truly improved my playing and the way I think about Irish traditional music.

Caroline, Auckland (NZ)

Love the lessons so far, clear and concise, well explained. Having the possibility to change the video speed and loop the parts helps a lot. The player/teacher is awesome too!

Hanneke, Rotterdam (NE)

Excellent well-structured course enabling progression at your own speed. Really like the ability to slow things down when practicing.

Ray, Northampton (UK)

I’m so happy about this course. A friend of mine from Dublin says that my playing in the last couple of months had become very Irish. Thanks!

Matteo, (IT)

I can clearly see that the opportunity to be an exceptional whistler is in this course. I can’t thank you enough. It has been a long journey up until now.

Alan, Waterloo (CA)

Practising is a lot of fun and the tips and tricks are very useful in nearly every song. From beginners to experienced players, this is the right choice.

Jona, Arnsberg (DE)

If this course had only the lesson about playing Jigs, it would be more than enough for me. This one lesson alone is well worth the price of the whole course. Highly recommended!

Sean, Boston (US)

I enjoy playing along with backing tracks. The option to use various tempos for the tune that I’m practicing is so handy. Also, notation diagrams are helpful, could easily demystify what I hear in the videos. 

Charlie, Gloucester (UK)

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Tin Whistle Course - Moneyback guarantee

Our 100% money-back and satisfaction guarantee

We are absolutely sure you’ll love this program and that’s why we want to make this an easy and completely risk-free decision for you. In fact, we are so convinced that it will help you become a better player… that we are happy to offer you 100% money-back and satisfaction guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

Find more info in the FAQ, or feel free to contact us anytime.

What skill level is recommended prior to joining?

We believe that both beginners and experienced players can greatly benefit from this course. However, those who are just getting started on the tin whistle may find the lessons quite challenging and hard to follow. With that being said, it’s expected you are already familiar with the tin whistle fundamentals and the basics of ornamentation that are covered in our website’s lessons.

Am I expected to read sheet music?

Not at all. While having basic musical knowledge and understanding sheet music can be a plus, it’s recommended to learn by ear from the videos first and then use the tablatures as a reference. Besides the sheet music, we include letter notation and fingering diagrams so anyone is able to follow.

Do I need any specific equipment to follow the course?

No. It’s only expected to have a tin whistle in the key of D and an internet connection. The course is accessible from any device (computer, tablet, phone, etc…).

I am not sure if this course will be a good fit for me

In the unlikely event that you’re not completely thrilled with your purchase and amazed with the quality of education you receive inside, simply send us an email within 14 days, and we’ll provide a full refund. No questions asked.

What do I get after purchasing?

We’ll send you an email with the details to access our online platform. It is devised as a digital tutor book with demonstration videos and exclusive bonus materials available for you to download.

How long does it take to finish the entire course?

It depends on how much time you can dedicate. That’s why you get unlimited access to learn at your own pace, without any pressure or a strict schedule.

What does unlimited access mean?

Unlimited access means you can access the course anytime from any device, follow the lessons and watch the videos as much as you want, 24/7. And, of course, the material you download to your computer stays with you forever.

Do I get charged on a recurring basis?

It depends on the plan you select. If you choose a monthly or a 6-month plan, you can cancel your subscription at any time to prevent further charges while keeping access until the end of the current membership term. If you don’t cancel, the access renews automatically.

The lifetime plan is a one-off purchase, meaning you get access forever, with no further charges.

Can I use a low whistle or an Irish flute for this course?

Absolutely. Video demonstrations are recorded with a high D whistle, but everything that is taught perfectly applies to a low D whistle or an Irish flute in D.

Are there classes I need to attend live?

Nope. Everything is pre-recorded and ready for you to dive in at your leisure. Choose a pace that works for you and your schedule.

Is the course available in languages other than English?

Basically, you can use any translation tools (i.e. Google Translate) because instructional part of the lessons is in textual format. The videos demonstrate what’s explained through the lessons, so it’s only playing, no talking.

Who am I buying the course from?

You can learn more about the website founder and the course instructor on this page.

In technical terms, the course is exclusively distributed through Gumroad, Inc. (a San Francisco-based company), a well-trusted and one of the largest networks for trading digital goods worldwide.

Ready to transform your playing?

Learn from the comfort of your home. Access any time and practice at your own pace. Notice significant improvement within only a couple of weeks.

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