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Learn How to Play the Irish Tin Whistle

Easy-to-follow & free Irish tin whistle (penny whistle) lessons, tabs, music & many resources for the legendary Irish folk musical instrument. For both, beginners and experienced players.

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Technique improver

Hone your tin whistle skills and get rid of lousy playing habits through an exciting journey. For just anyone already familiar with the whistle fundamentals and the basics of ornamentation.

Popular session tunes

Learn the most popular Irish session tunes on the tin whistle and get session ready in 10 weeks or less. Multi-level video tutorials that suit both beginners and experienced players.

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Tin whistle beginners' FAQ

What is a tin whistle (penny whistle)?

A tin whistle, also known as a penny whistle, Irish whistle, or English flageolet, is a simple six-holed woodwind instrument typically made of metal or plastic (occasionally wood). It's widely used in traditional Irish and folk music, known for its clear and sweet sound.

Is the tin whistle easy to learn?

Yes, the tin whistle is widely regarded as one of the easiest instruments to learn, particularly for beginners. Its straightforward design and simple fingering make it accessible, allowing many people to start playing basic melodies in a short time.

How much does a tin whistle cost?

A tin whistle is an affordable instrument, with prices starting from $5 - $10 for entry-level models. While high-quality professional whistles may cost much more, you can start learning with a reasonably priced one. Feel free to check our buying guide and choose the best tin whistle for you.

What key tin whistle should I get?

The most common key for a tin whistle is D. This key is particularly favored in traditional Irish music due to its compatibility with most tunes. It's also an excellent choice for beginners, as most resources and whistle lessons are based on it.

Is a tin whistle the same as a recorder?

No, a recorder is a different instrument. While both are woodwind instruments with similar design, sound, and playing approach, the tin whistle has a simpler structure and uses different fingering.

Can I play different scales on a tin whistle?

Tin whistle is a diatonic instrument, naturally providing access to only two major scales. While skilled players can achieve chromatic notes through techniques such as half-holing, it's generally recommended to use different keys for different scales needed.