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Tin Whistle Quiz

Take our free 5-minute quiz and find out how well you know the tin whistle and Irish traditional music in general.

Just 10 straightforward questions. Have fun!


Tin Whistle Quiz

Test your knowledge about the tin whistle and Irish traditional music.


How many octaves can a tin whistle play?


The most common tin whistle key used in Irish traditional music is:


The lowest note that a tin whistle can play is usually called:


What musical scale is accessible with a whistle in the key of D?


The ornaments consisting of 3 notes and combining a Cut and a Tap, are commonly known as:


Which one of those is NOT a tin whistle player?


What is the oldest tin whistle brand among the suggested below:


What is the typical time signature of an Irish Jig?


Which one of these is NOT an Irish dance tune type?


The crucial factor when playing an Irish tune is:

Find out your score and the correct answers right away!

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