Further Steps on Your Tin Whistle Journey

Further Steps on Your Tin Whistle Journey

First of all, thanks for being part of these tin whistle lessons. I hope you found this material somewhat useful, and it helped to kick-start your playing, maybe even a future professional career, who knows!

Your journey doesn’t stop here. There is so much more to explore and decide what to do next and grow as a tin whistle player.

Get in touch

Fell free to use a contact page on this website and let me know about your experience with the lessons so far. Is there something not clear enough? Is there something missing that you wish to be included and happy to learn about?

Your feedback is highly appreciated and I wouldn’t mind helping with any questions or to improve the existing lessons with more tutorials and useful tips.

Learn new tunes and songs

Keep practicing, as practice makes you a perfect player. Once you think you get the basics, try to learn some new tunes. There’s a ton of Irish traditional tunes with the sheet music and tin whistle tabs here on the website, so make sure to check them out.

Also, you may want to check some of the recommended tin whistle CDs to enjoy and learn more music.

Buy a new tin whistle

It’s like buying a new pair of sneakers when you decide to take your running to the next level. Not that it just feels good, but you will find out soon that a better tin whistle gives you a better potential for more advanced stuff you are going to play. So, check our ultimate tin whistle buying guide and choose the best one to suit your needs.

Join the community

There are a lot of resources for tin whistle players out there, and many people to exchange your experience with. Join some of tin whistle Facebook groups or other online communities on websites such as The Session or Chiff and Fipple forum. Also, do not hesitate to follow tin whistle discussions on Reddit, plenty of useful stuff there too.

See you soon!

If you find these lessons valuable, come back to this website from time to time and keep it as a reference. As your playing gets better and better, I’m sure there would be some parts of the existing tutorials that you forgot, or maybe they just didn’t ring the bell for the very first time.

And yes, there will be updates! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about new stuff!